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barkada kontra droga (bkd)

For full reference, See the School Memo No. 217 s. 2021:


Batang Sumulong Say NO to Drugs:
Barkada Kontra Droga

Drug addiction is an existing problem across the country that involves even the Filipino youths. There are lots of people who are concerned or worried about someone’s drug use. With the government’s strong desire to address the drug abuse problem, the Dangerous Drugs Board launched the Barkada Kontra Droga in 2004 as integration with the National Drug Education Program (NDEP).



            To promote people empowerment in leading a healthy lifestyle that is drug-free and productive.



a. To establish a Barkada Kontra Droga movement.

b. To train the people in advocating a healthy and productive drug-free lifestyle.

c. To create a fully drug-free environment in the home, school, workplace, and community.

d. To encourage productive use of time and alternative activities; and

e. To provide support services towards the adoption of Barkada concept among families, educators, professionals, work forces, peer groups, and other sectors.


            As children are the future of every society, BKD program also provides a safe and healthy environment for the youth. This program also educates and provides opportunities for the young people to excel and to prepare them to become responsible citizens. The time is now to realize the truth. We all know that barkadas or peers are common to anyone. Therefore, they are sometimes the root cause of drugs. What these group of friends don’t know is that peers are not the reason for any bad decisions but rather the bad influence friends are. So, this program is inclined to uphold the unity and camaraderie of the youth in fighting drug abuse.

            And in this organization, it is wrapped with plans and program in line with getting rid of drug abuse and engaging a healthy lifestyle which shall be organized in schools as one of the clubs. It also aims to train the young people in advocating a healthy, drug-free lifestyles and to encourage productive use of time and alternative activities. The youth of today must engage in this kind of program instead of doing such things that can only harm themselves. We, as young student of Juan Sumulong, we encourage every learner to stay away from such bad vices. It will just only ruin one’s life. We should say no to drugs! And as this program helps those people who are addicted to drugs and who can’t control themselves, we must be helpful as these people who are addicted on drugs at an early age will be lessen.

            We must love ourselves and let’s all say NO to drugs. Don’t let drugs control your life, your family, your community… Be smart Batang Sumulong! NO to Drugs ating Isulong! – By: Ronnie A. Peras, BKD Teacher Adviser


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