JSES ranks no. 1 in Submission and Management of LIS at SDO Pasay

        Juan Sumulong Elementary School (JSES) ranked number one out of 19 Elementary schools in Schools Division of Pasay City at Year-End Consultative Planning and Assessment Cum Awarding of Learner Information System (LIS) and the Basic Education Information System (BEIS) last December 7, 2021.

Source: Anna Melissa O. Dilidili


       JSES, together with Noel F. Junio, School Principal, was recognized as the Best Performing Elementary School based on the Submission and Management of Learner’s Information System (LIS) for School Year 2020-2021 and Anna Melissa O. Dilidili was awarded as Best Performing Elementary ICT 2 Focal Person .

       SDO Pasay conducted a contextualized situational analysis activity to address the highlighted gaps, challenges, and concerns from the previous school year. Reports will be based on the data generated from the LIS and the BEIS.
        The report shows the relation between the timeliness and management of LIS and BEIS were continued to be important and evidently seen in this activity.
        “Despite some challenges, time management remains as an enormous needed for education,” Dilidili revealed.
        She added that the management of data from LIS and BEIS should take seriously and respond immediately to strengthen the accountability. JSES will continue the timeliness of information because information that isn’t timely can lead to people making the wrong decisions.


Anna Melissa O. Dilidili
ICT 2 Coordinator, School LIS Focal Person
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