By: Shirley A. Cada

                   Have you ever had trouble with your teachers because of your attitude? I am blessed with my parents. Genes from the same parents, raised in the same home, and given the same parental support and guidance but we are turning out to be totally different individuals. Why are we different in the way we discipline?


                   Some children called “pasaway” totally ignoring teachers when they don’t feel like being obedient, walking away when does not want to hear what the teachers say, and insisting on what they wants despite knowing the consequences. They really stand their ground.


                   This is something that the DEPEd (Department of Education), teachers, have to deal with. As a teacher, I have squeezed all creative juices for different approaches to discipline, consulted other parents, teachers and learned from experts. We are fine-tuning along the way but found some methods rather effective.


                   Teachers were our second parent. So, parents must realize this and start discipline, believe it or not. Say “yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no. No ifs, no buts.


                   Parents are here primarily, for loving guidance. Guidance entails discipline. Discipline need not be harsh all the time. It is a tricky balance between positive affirmation, kindness, and firmness.


                   Many teachers have doubts about being strict with their pupils and put more weight on making them happy. Some teachers are scared of their own pupils especially when they are already “pasaway”. They follow their demands just to shut them up, due to “Bantay Bata”, or “Ipa-Tulfo”. Before they know it, they are at the beck and call of the little rascals.


                   Discipline can really be a hard task and heart-wrenching at times but sometimes tough love is the way to go to equip the children to face the real world and most of all, build godly character. They may hate teachers for a while but they would realize the wisdom behind discipline when the right time comes.

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