SDO Pasay City confers Project I-SQAN as one of School’s Best Practices for 2020-2021

       The Schools Division Office of Pasay City conferred and recognized the Juan Sumulong Elementary School Project I-SQAN as one of School’s Best Practices for 2020-2021 in the awarding ceremony held at SDO Pasay City on January 10, 2022 and streamed via SDO’s FB Page and YouTube channel.

Source: SDO Pasay YouTube Channel

     The Utilization of Project I-SQAN: Embracing Innovation, Technology and Culture of Transparency was recognized for its “outstanding leadership, collaboration and innovative strategies that exhibited statement of excellence for better delivery of quality education.”

        The JSES School Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (SMEA) Team was composed of Mr. Noel F. Junio, SMEA Chairperson; Ms. Josefina P. Caballero, Co-chairperson; Dr. Champ Norman P. Posadas, Ms. Ivy Anne M. Ortiz, Ms. Anna Melissa O. Dilidili, Ms. Julieta O. Timuat, Mr. Hernan K. Recinto, Ms. Dorie V. Mago, SMEA Members; Mr. Renato C. Camu Jr, Project Team Leader; and Mrs. Rubby Ann C. Camu, Project Proponent.
         Mr. Junio noted how the “school’s ICT innovation toward Sulong Edukalidad supported teaching and learning as well as governance. It’s initial implementation in the first quarter of 2021 had brought ease on both parts of the teachers and parents in resolving self-leaning modules submission and deduction of student’s financial assistance issues in times of national health emergency. The project’s applicability in the Covid 19 pandemic and even without such condition was very high that it deserved highest recommendation to be included in the SMEA School’s Best Practices.”
       “The Project was conducted on the first quarter of School Year 2020-2021 (October-December 2020) to ensure a systematic and innovative way of managing records of documents using mobile scanning apps and maintain a cloud-based document management system.”
“Project I-SQAN stands for Integration of Scanning System of QR codes Application in the New Normal. It is pronounced “ I scan ”, which was termed to mean I, referring to the parent / guardian or student. Scan, signifying to convert a document or picture into digital form for storage or processing on a computer. The QR code and database system record the collected and submitted modules for an easy, effective, and efficient way of monitoring attendance of students.”
       “This project complements and augments the steps done by the Department of Education (DepEd) in mitigating and containing COVID-19 while persistently delivering quality educational services in this new normal.”
“It also established an efficient method of monitoring attendance instead of using a conventional (paper and pen) attendance sheet. In the distribution and retrieval process, parents brought the QR chip and put it over the mobile scanner screen. When the scanner detected the QR codes, it was automatically recorded the learner’s name in the database system in a matter of 2 to 3 seconds. Advisers who were not assigned to the distribution schedule could monitor the attendance status through the database and immediately conducted an intervention for the unclaimed and unreturned modules.”

Source: JSES/SDO Pasay City YouTube Channel


      In the online Project Evaluation on December 14, 2021, Project Proponent Ms. Rubby Ann C. Camu explained how a descriptive method of research was used to assess the perception of teachers and learners. She narrated to the Panel of Evaluators led by Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino, SDO Pasay City OIC-Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, the high consistent rate of distributed and returned modules from Quarter 2 to Quarter 4.
       Project I-SQAN was perceived “to be effective in its goals of contactless procedure of monitoring attendance, managing and organizing the collected data, and serving as an intervention to improve the efficiency of teachers’ work.”  J.O. Timuat


J.O. Timuat
School Paper Adviser - The JSES Newsette